Service Area

Interstate Pressure Washing provides pressure washing for clients throughout Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Southern Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania.

Our services can be broken down into two distinct categories: Commercial Pressure Washing Services for retailers and other consumer oriented businesses, and Industrial Pressure Washing Services.

Commercial Pressure Washing Services


Soda/drink stains, bird droppings, leaf stains and other organic stains, foot traffic stains (you know, that big black mark right in front of any busy retail establishment and always at the back door of a restaurant where they take the garbage out)… we clean all of these.  Through the right combination of volume, pressure, and temperature we are able to successfully clean most hard surfaces without the aid of chemicals.

Chewing Gum

We put this in its own category because it’s so prevalent. Have you ever noticed the myriad of black spots on the sidewalks of most grocery stores and almost all shopping plazas/strip malls? Believe it or not, that’s chewing gum that has remained untouched for months or even years. And it’s also ridiculously hard to remove – you need the right pressure and temperature, which we can provide. In fact, sometimes competitors have called on us to remove chewing gum where their equipment was not up to the task.

Drive Thru Lanes

Oh, do these get dirty. They get hit with everything a sidewalk gets hit by, and the addition of vehicles (complete with leaky engines, transmissions, and radiators) make them a very specialized cleaning job. Drive-thru lanes usually require all of our capabilities. But fortunately, we’re up to the task, and will make your drive-thru lanes and islands clean and presentable.


Ah yes, the building itself. Suffice to say, we’ll make them look great. The important part, however, is how we do it and the equipment we often utilize (man lifts). This is a critical and often overlooked component of a successful building cleaning. We have access to the proper lift equipment for any job through our partnership with one of the nation’s leading rental equipment providers. All of our service team members hold current Industrial Lift Truck Licenses and have completed OSHA Fall Protection Training.

Compactor/Dumpster Pads

Not the dumpster itself, but what it sits on… this is a magnet for organic stains from rotten food and produce. These stains are also accompanied by a very unappealing odor. But we’re on it – we’ll scrape the surface, removing all solid/semi-solid matter, clean the surface with high pressure and hot water, and finish by applying an institutional grade deodorizer that works by killing the odor causing bacteria instead of just masking the smell.


Businesses and municipalities that find their property the target of graffiti should act fast to have it removed. The rate of re-occurrence is significantly reduced when graffiti is removed promptly. Left in place, graffiti costs much more than just the cleanup… customers to businesses and visitors to public facilities where graffiti is present have reported feeling that if graffiti is tolerated, then other more serious crimes may also go unchallenged. Interstate Pressure Washing has the experience and resources to remove graffiti quickly. Call or click here to have a Representative evaluate your needs immediately.

Industrial Pressure Washing Services

We have select, specially-trained, personnel that perform our Industrial Cleaning Services. These staff members have completed training associated with this type of work, OSHA HAZWOPER Training and OSHA Permit Required Confined Spaces Training. This is in addition to the OSHA Fall Protection Training that all of our staff must complete.


Tank/Pit Cleaning

We clean both hazardous and non-hazardous tanks and pits, which typically involve the careful utilization of strong acids and/or alkalis. Because of the serious environmental exposure associated with this type of cleaning we have partnered with a highly reputable hazardous/non-hazardous waste transporter who collects and transports waste from these cleaning operations to the appropriate disposal facilities. Contact Us today to schedule a site evaluation visit.

Warehouse Cleaning/Foundry Cleaning

Warehouses and foundries get dirty from the process systems in place, but rarely can these functions be suspended for cleaning. Call on us, and we’ll clean your warehouse or foundry with careful precision and a healthy respect for your ongoing operations.

Onsite Off-Road Cleaning/Degreasing

Remember that we carry our own water. This means we can travel to you and provide efficient cleaning services to land development organizations, government agencies, and other entities that utilize Off-Road Equipment. These cleaning services vary from simply removing built up mud/dirt, to specialized degreasing of units that require meticulous cleaning prior to onsite repair.


We started our company as a fleet-washing service, and to this day, we still have a select handful of fleet-washing clients that appreciate our exceptional, detailed service.