Located in Northeast Ohio, Interstate Pressure Washing is a professional pressure washing company that services commercial and industrial clients throughout Ohio and six neighboring states.

We’ve been in business since 2001 and have developed a reputation for being a reliable partner to our clients.  In short, they depend on us to keep their businesses looking great for their customers and employees.  And we deliver for them, time after time.

What Sets Interstate Pressure Washing Apart?

Let’s be honest – every pressure washing company is going to tell you how clean they can get everything.  So we’ll just assume you realize this, and will instead talk about the real advantages that we have over the competition – advantages we think you’ll find not only beneficial, but interesting as well:

We specialize in retail and customer-oriented businesses

This is an important distinction, because the last thing you want is your pressure washing company working during business hours (like many of them do.)  It simply creates an unsafe, customer-unfriendly situation.  That’s why we work at NIGHT.  If you have customers and/or foot traffic, it’s likely they’ll never see us.  If you have overnight employees present, we ensure that we are as unobtrusive as possible.

We’re serious about safety

We don’t fool around with safety.  From the gear that every worker utilizes (gloves, safety glasses, steel toe/shank & slip resistant boots, reflective uniforms for night operations, hard hats where necessary, etc), to our highly maintained equipment, to the fact that we clearly post pedestrian signs & vehicle barriers where we are working, our safety record is exceptional.  In the long run, better safety results in lower overhead (it’s one reason we can offer the rates we do).

We spend money to serve our customers better

We realize that successful businesses do not become successful by cutting corners. We utilize the best equipment available; we invest in our people; and we utilize the latest technology for our internal, administrative processes to keep these indirect functions extremely efficient (things like hosted e-mail, phone, and accounting software that allow us to access information wherever our staff is throughout the service area). Combined, these investments allow us to do the job both faster, better, and, again, allow us to offer competitive rates, while providing superior results.

We carry our own water

We do not need your water source.  This saves you money, but also allows us to operate where there is no water. Further, it allows us to use more productive equipment (equipment that cannot be supported by typical municipal water volume at commercial locations).

In the end, we want your company’s exterior cleaning to be something you don’t spend a moment worrying about.  In your mind, it’s just done, and done well. That’s what we offer and what we believe sets us apart.

We would be happy to assist you in any way possible. Simply call us at (877) 563-WASH (9274), or click here to go to our contact page.